The Stanley Works, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut; was founded in 1843 by Frederick T. Stanley.

Over the years, The Stanley Works has produced some of the most innovative and useful tools ever made. Among these tools are the Bailey® Plane, the Surform® shaper, the PowerLock® tape rule and most recently the FatMax™ line of products. Today, more than ever, Stanley continues to be an industry leader in hand tool innovation.

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Stanley - MaxSteel Bailey G Clamp

Made from a heavy-duty malleable iron and steel construction, it also has roll-formed screw threads to ensure smooth operation and durability.
£6.50 inc VAT excluding shipping

Stanley FatMax Bevel Edge Chisels - Set Of 5

The Stanley FatMax™ Thru tang bevel edge chisels have an ergonomic handle design incorporating a shatterproof polymer handle.
£74.18 inc VAT £48.00 inc VAT excluding shipping

Stanley FatMax Trigger Clamp

The clamp quickly converts to spreading mode without the use of tools and the dual pivot trigger delivers fast closing and easy application of pressure.
£22.00 inc VAT excluding shipping

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Knife - Fixed Blade

Stanley 10-818 FatMax Xtreme fixed blade knife has a die-cast aluminium housing combines maximum strength with amazing lightweight properties.
£19.96 inc VAT £14.24 inc VAT excluding shipping