Flat Bits have a winged shoulder which enable the bit to first cut the wood and then remove the material from the centre section, ensuring a smooth finish and superior swarf clearance. They are ideal for door locks, mortising, electrical and plumbing work.

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Bahco 9529 Wood Flat Bits - Set of 8

Bahco 8 piece Metric Flat Bit Set suitable for use on both hard and soft wood. Arranged in a canvas wallet for easy identification and storage.
£53.67 ex VAT £37.50 ex VAT excluding shipping

Bahco Long Series Wood Flat Bit - Individual

Top quality flat bit with an extended shaft, useful for reaching awkward spots or for drilling accurate, deep holes into wood. 400mm Overall Length
£6.25 ex VAT excluding shipping

Dewalt Extreme Flatbits - Set of 8

Extra thick robust steel shank for outstanding durability and bit life. Chamfered outer cutting spurs for clean, very fast drilling and extended drilling life.
£46.79 ex VAT £32.50 ex VAT excluding shipping

Irwin Blue Groove Wood Flat Bits - Set Of 8

The cutting edges cut the timber 4 times faster, without scraping. The parabolic scoop optimises control and removal of wood chips.
£37.41 ex VAT £26.25 ex VAT excluding shipping