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Bahco GFK Good Utility Knife - Fixed Blade

This Bahco KG-Series knife has a fixed blade and has a tough, aluminium body. It features a magnetic blade holder, which allows for easy blade changing.
£14.46 inc VAT £10.50 inc VAT excluding shipping

Bahco GRK Good Utility Knife - Retractable

This Bahco 'Classic' utility knife is a compact knife with a tough, full aluminium body.
£8.33 inc VAT £6.00 inc VAT excluding shipping

Bahco GSK Good Sports Utility Knife - Folding

This Bahco sports knife has a durable polyamide handle, with stainless steel blades and mechanism.
£14.23 inc VAT £10.75 inc VAT excluding shipping

Irwin Drywall Knife - Fixed Blade

The Irwin Drywall Fixed Blade Knife is the ideal tool to be used in drywall cutting applications. It is specially made for working in dusty conditions that normally ruin tools.
£10.80 inc VAT £8.00 inc VAT excluding shipping

Personna Metal Utility Knife - Pack Of 3x Retractable

The fully retractable design of this utility knife will satisfy all drywallers, carpet installers, maintenance and repair techs and construction tradesmen who are looking for a full metal knife.
£11.00 inc VAT excluding shipping

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Knife - Fixed Blade

Stanley 10-818 FatMax Xtreme fixed blade knife has a die-cast aluminium housing combines maximum strength with amazing lightweight properties.
£19.96 inc VAT £14.24 inc VAT excluding shipping