Hand hatchets, felling and splitting axes.

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Bahco Ash Handled Felling Axe

Bahco Felling Axe with an Ash Handle for felling trees and branch trimming.
£28.33 ex VAT excluding shipping

Fibre Handled Felling Axe

The non-slip handle provides maximum reliability, long service life and the added security of a firm grip, even in wet conditions.
£15.83 ex VAT excluding shipping

Fibre Handled Log Splitting Maul

Shock-absorbing fibreglass shaft with nylon surround and high-grip rubber handle.
£15.42 ex VAT excluding shipping

Hultafors Trekking Hand Axe

A small, practical outdoors axe, hand-forged and made from Swedish axe steel using traditional methods in use since 1697.
£37.08 ex VAT excluding shipping

Log Splitting Wedge - 6lbs

A log splitting wedge manufactured from drop forged carbon steel and tempered.
£7.50 ex VAT excluding shipping

Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge

Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge has a diamond shaped cross section and provides splitting of the log in 4 directions.
£8.75 ex VAT excluding shipping

Bahco Standard Hand Axe

Very much an all round general-purpose axe, with a thin wide blade for a clean cut.
£14.64 ex VAT £12.08 ex VAT excluding shipping