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Record Power BS350S Premium 14" Bandsaw

RRP £759.98 inc VAT ONLY £699.00 inc VAT

Record Power BS400 Premium 16" Bandsaw

RRP £1,049.99 inc VAT ONLY £999.00 inc VAT

Many woodworkers consider a bandsaw to be the most useful and versatile addition they will make to their workshop. The combination of deep cutting, the ability to cut both curved and straight lines, tilting tables and a wide choice of blade widths and tooth combinations opens up a huge range of applications whilst taking up minimal floor space. You can rip, re-saw, cut wafer thin veneers, tenon cheeks, bevels, curves and even circles.

Our wide and highly respected range of machines caters for all levels of woodworker, from the hobbyist who may require only small capacities right up to the user who is working almost to a trade scale. This guide is intended to help you decide which machine is right for you - to complement this information, we strongly recommend you take a look at the online videos of each of these machines, which can be found on their respective product pages on the Record Power website.

In general, it is always recommended that you buy the largest bandsaw you can justify because once the machine becomes part of a workshop it often becomes relied upon heavily due to its flexibility.

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