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Vaughan B215 SuperBar

The Vaughan SuperBar with 'Shepherd's Crook' rocker head for maximum prying power.
£9.58 ex VAT excluding shipping

Vaughan California Framing Hammer - 23oz

The Vaughan California Framing Hammer is a 650g (23 oz.) straight claw hammer with a high-grade hickory handle.
£32.87 ex VAT £26.25 ex VAT excluding shipping

Vaughan D Series Titanium Hammer - Straight Claw

The Vaughan DDT Straight Claw Dalluge style Titanium Hammers have a patented deep 'V' head design with an overstrike guide to reduce shock, whilst short claws increase strength.
£195.17 ex VAT £140.83 ex VAT excluding shipping

Vaughan R Series Nail Hammer - Curved Claw

Forged from high carbon steel with patented Shock-Blokā„¢ plug in its head using hickory and rubber to absorb shock.
£24.58 ex VAT excluding shipping