Blade Guide Upgrade Kit For - Elektra Beckum BAS 315 & 316 Bandsaws

Upgrade your bandsaw upper and lower blade guides to a new 6x bearing, billet aluminium system.
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  • Complete Kit
  • Billet Aluminium Blocks
  • Includes Drill Template & Instructions
  • Includes Bearings
  • Increase Depth Of Cut By 18mm

Upgrade your upper and lower cast blade guides with this fully adjustable, universal 6x bearing, billet aluminium system for the 315/4, 315 and 316 models.

This complete 6x bearing kit replaces the upper and lower blade guides with billet blocks. Hex screws on the back of each block and sliders on each bearing allows full and fine adjustment. This stronger, easier to adjust system comes complete with bearings.

By fitting this kit your machine will also gain almost 3/4inch depth of cut (18mm) as the upper guide is shorter in height.

This kit also contains a free aluminium section rail (*New wider rail may not fit older 315 models.)

Includes two page colour fitting instructions.

More Images Here

Note: Slight modifications may be required on some models to fit the lower guide and new rail (instructions and drill template included)

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Existing reviews
A Happy Customer
[These notes refer to the BAS315]
My first thought on seeing this blade guide upgrade was that it seemed a bit pricey but this was dispelled on opening the box. The bearing housings are accurately machined from chunky solid bar and all adjustable parts are free from play. Adjustment is by hex socket cap and grub screws and is precise. Once in place the screws are readily accessible other than one of the three on the back of the lower bearing but attending to that should rarely be necessary.
The drilling template is sturdy pressed steel and there are replacement trunnion bolts if needed and a replacement slide rail. The instructions suggest the latter may not be needed or suit all models but mine fitted perfectly and was very welcome as I’d had to modify the original to reduce wobble that developed over the years.
Assembly was very straightforward with the aid of the clear instructions (only one hole needed to be drilled in my case) and when finished everything was very solid and precise indeed. I fitted a new blade and ripped a length of oak against the fence without any noticeable inclination for the blade to wander. I then ripped a 25mm by 110mm oak board on edge freehand to a pencil line without difficulty and little need to adjust the angle of the board to the blade to maintain an accurate cut.
This upgrade has increased the precision of the saw immensely and I recommend it.
Guest | 14/06/2015 14:28
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Fitted to the BAS315
I waited a while for this item to come back into stock but I am pleased to say that the company as promised emailed to say it was now in stock again. I ordered the set along with two new blades. As the happy customer in the other review I was also impressed with the quality of the product and found the assembly (using all the components as received) an easy job. This conversion set will bring your BAS315 up to scratch and if like me you will wish you had done it sooner. The two new blades (purchased at the same time) of which one was used after the assembly  performed well and allowed me to cut an 2mm wide piece of wood from a 50mm by 40mm section with ease, both true in each plane.  
Guest | 21/12/2015 15:06
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Elektra Beckum blade guides
First class replacement ,easy to fit, totally satisfied with service
Guest | 24/12/2015 08:36
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Replacement guide bearing kit
Product looks well made and was easy to fit.
Guest | 08/01/2016 17:12
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Excellent piece of kit
I too am a happy customer. I fitted the kit using all the components supplied in about twenty minutes. The kit is beautifully machined out good quality material unlike the  metal equivalent of chip board the original was made from. I tested the finished job on various hard and soft woods of varying thicknesses both freehand and against the fence and found all the cuts to be accurate. I would happily recommend this kit to anyone with a BAS 315 even if their guide set hasn't broken as yet. Fitting this kit will greatly enhance the performance  of the saw.
Guest | 02/03/2016 12:19
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Excellent kit of parts that were easy to fit to my BAS315. A sturdy basic machine with a weakness regards blade guide/support. This kit eliminates that problem totally.
Guest | 16/03/2016 14:43
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BAS 315 Blade Guide Upgrade
Very happy customer,Excellent quality and very easy to fit. This transforms my machine, would recommend this to anyone.
Guest | 14/07/2016 06:17
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315 PLUS!
The 315 wasn't performing as well as it should. I then spotted that one of the lower blade guides had gone walkabout at some stage and the blade was cutting erratically. I searched the web and discovered this upgrade. So easy to fit it only took less than 15 minutes. Along with the blades supplied by Bedford I feel that I have a new machine!
Guest | 05/12/2016 17:09
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bandsaw items electra beckum
All parts and kit were excellent, first class service
Guest | 05/12/2016 17:43
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BAS 315 bandsaw blade guide upgrade kit
Completed the upgrade with a few little problems, mainly to do with the upper guide.  Took a bit longer than I expected, but the result was well worth it.  This seems to be a much better solution than the original, and the bandsaw now runs really well.  I am not an expert and only an occasional user, but the upgrade was well within my capabilities.
Clive | 05/12/2016 19:00
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Solved all the problems.
As the title suggests this kit is in excellent product that does away with the problems of the blade wandering.  Setting up is easy as the instructions are comprehensive and the accuracy of manufacture is high. Highly recommend.
Guest | 06/12/2016 08:29
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Replacement blade guide
I am very happy with the replacement guides. They were easy to fit with full instructions. My machine is now cutting true & accurate. Worth every penny.
Guest | 06/12/2016 19:40
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Excellent upgrade for the BAS316
I am really pleased with this buy. V well machined alloy blocks and perfect bearings and guide system. I needed to go to this youtube to be sure how to set up the bearing positions
Otherwise can't recommend this upgrade and service enough, it's totally transformed my wandering blade problem - the original bottom guide was useless.
Guest | 03/03/2018 18:01
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Electra Beckham blade guides (BA315)
Happy customer, blade guide kit was a very quick delivery, easily fitted and set up in approx.. 1hr. I have never bee able to set this saw to cut accurately all the time with the original guides, greatly improved performance with this upgrade guide kit, would recommend.
Guest | 15/12/2019 12:00
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Upgrade kit BAS 315 bandsaw
Hi I had to wait a few months until this became available and boy was it worth it this bandsaw is now the ultimate machine in bandsaws for the money. Obviously with all the fine tuning you need to do to get perfect results like blade quality and positioning and making sure your bandsaw tyres are in good condition and wheels are balanced. Amazing upgrade.
Guest | 31/03/2020 11:03
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Blade guide upgrade kit
Very good quality well worth the money and very easy to fit. Much better than the original fence
Gordon | 10/04/2020 19:16
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Blade guide for BAS 316 B
I purchased this blade guide upgrade because the original guides were wearing out and the original casting of the guide has always had a twist to it, making accurate setting of the guide bearings quite difficult. The upgrade fixed everything and was easy to fit. The saw now has no tendency to cut at an angle and even when ripping oak to a pencil line freehand.
A new sliding upper extrusion that holds the blade guide replaces the existing part and clearly comes from the same aluminium stock. I spent some time ensuring that the  depth extrusion guides (two steel strips) are accurately set (requires modification) to remove most of the play. Without doing this, you find that the depth guide can move backwards and forwards quite a lot.

The upgrade is well worth the money and transforms the saw.
Guest | 17/04/2020 12:09
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Very effective upgrade, huge difference !
The blade guide works perfectly well, it has been a huge upgrade for the crappy original guide of my Elektra Beckum 315. Especially with a so affordable price, I cannot be more satisfied.  I recommend this device without hesitation.
Vincent | 30/11/2023 15:29
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