Van Vault

Van Vault is firmly established as the UK's No.1 mobile security brand - the leading name in its class. As the original and the best no other security container looks like it, or protects tools like it.

Often copied, but never equalled, second-rate imitations just don't come close. Be certain that when you ask for a Van Vault you actually get one.

Available in 5 sizes, there's a Van Vault to suit every size of commercial vehicle and on-site application.

There's also a range of effective security accessories including the higly acclaimed Door Guard that provide an extra layer of protection for commercial vehicle doors.

It's time to get protected. When you're not keeping an eye on your tools and equipment you can be sure that someone else is! No other security container looks like Van Vault or protects tools like it.

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Van Vault 2

£219.00 inc VAT

Van Vault Outback

£329.94 inc VAT

Van Vault Tipper

£429.95 inc VAT