Personna, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty blades and tools, is dedicated to creating blades and bladed products that satisfy the needs of professional, medical and industrial customers. From the most basic to the most advanced product, our goal is to deliver quality, performance and innovation.  

Our commitment to deliver innovative products began 135 years ago, when the Kampfe Brothers, introduced the first safety razor manufactured in the United States. Building on our rich legacy, we have continued to design and manufacture dependable products that make work simpler and more productive.  

Today, Personna is hailed as the top brand by professionals and consumers around the globe. We produce the sharpest and highest quality blades available in our manufacturing facilities throughout North America.  Our product lines include Personna®, Personna Pro®, American Line®, American Line Pro® and GEM® by Personna®.

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Personna Metal Utility Knife - Pack Of 3x Retractable

The fully retractable design of this utility knife will satisfy all drywallers, carpet installers, maintenance and repair techs and construction tradesmen who are looking for a full metal knife.
£11.00 inc VAT excluding shipping