Sharpening Service

  • TCT Saw Blades
  • Wood Chipper Blades
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Chainsaw Chains
  • Router Cutters
  • HSS Cold Saw Blades
  • Printers Knives
  • Cutter Blocks
  • Planer Irons
  • Granulator Blades
  • Circular Knives
    & more..

Here at Bedford Saw & Tool we offer a sharpening service for TCT and HSS saw blades as well as many other types of cutters and blades.

Sharpening your saw blades will save you money. From just £6.50 your TCT saw blade could be good as new and in some cases better. We also repair damaged or missing tips giving your saw blades a new life time after time.

With over 60 years experience in saw blade sharpening almost every blade can be sharpened and repaired. Using automated TCT grinding machines which index each tooth, every tip is ground on the top and face giving a razor sharp polished finish.

Bedford Saw Service was originally set up by Denis & Jean in the early 1950’s solely as a saw sharpening business and over the years it has gradually expanded.

Today, Bedford Saw & Tool Co is run by brothers Tony and Barry who are both experienced saw doctors and who can offer advice on all aspects of cutting and sharpening requirements. We are committed to ensuring you use the best and most efficient blades for your applications.

Our established sharpening service is on site and as we rarely send anything away, you will always know where your blades are. In our workshop we sharpen TCT and HSS blades, segmental saws, mitre and planer blades, printers guillotines, router cutters, spiral cutters, grooving blocks, chainsaw blades and more.

For more information or pricing contact us on 01234 217417 or