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Record Power RPCV12 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set

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Product Summary

  • Set Of 12 Chisels
  • Includes Storage Box
  • Polished Alloy Steel
  • Comforable Handles


RPCV12 12
Carving-Set-side2.jpg Piece Carving Chisel Set

This set contains 12 chisels made from polished alloy steel to keep their cutting edge longer and resist corrosion.

Included in this set are:
12mm 'V' Chisel, 10mm 'V' Chisel, 6mm Straight Chisel, 12mm Straight Chisel,
8mm Fishtail Gouge, 16mm Fishtail Gouge, 25mm Fishtail Gouge, 18mm Skewed Spoon Chisel, 12mm Bent Chisel,
8mm Bent Chisel, 6mm Gouge Chisel and 16mm Skew Cut Chisel.


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